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If a vehicle starts to hydroplane the driver should:
= Allow the vehicle to slow by taking your foot off the accelerator

You must signal your intentions to turn at least
= 30 meters before the turn

Where are crosswalk guards authorized to stop traffic for pedestrians?
= At crosswalks only.

When is a driver allowed to exceed the speed limit on a highway?
= A driver may not exceed the speed limit on a highway

If two vehicles enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time, who has the right of way?
= Vehicle on the right

Under the graduated program, how many passengers are a class 7 level 1 license holder permitted to transport?
= 1 fully licensed driver.

The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire close than:
= 150 meters

When approaching a school bus displaying flashing red lights you must:
= Bring your vehicle to a full stop not less than 5 meters in front or rear of the school bus.

How should you apply the breaks when you want to stop on a slippery road surface in a vehicle not equipped lock brakes (ABS).
= Pump the brake pedal in and out without locking wheels

When approaching an intersection and the traffic light changes from green to amber you must:
= Proceed with caution if the vehicle cannot be stopped safely

White lines are used to divide lanes of traffic moving in the same direction
= True

How many points will you lose if convicted of driving without due care and attention?
= 5 points

If a driver wants to pass a vehicle at night, what lights should he use?
= Low beams when approaching the vehicle, then high beams when he starts to pass

When a driver arrives at an intersection and he sees a flashing green arrow
= Driver can proceed in the direction of the arrow

To drive around a curve safely, a drive must:
= Reduce speed while approaching and gradually accelerate after entering the curve

A class 5 license without any endorsements permits the holder to operate any of the following except
= Any two-axle motor vehicle, except taxi, ambulance, or bus

When must you use parking lights?
= When a vehicle is legally parked on a highway and visibility is less the 150 meters

Studded tires may be used:
= Between October 15 and April 30

The driver of a vehicle can be charged for any passengers who are not wearing their seat belt under the age

= 16

A driver must yield the right of way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk
= True

A continuous flashing red light at an intersection means:
= Same as a stop sign


If your name or address changes you must have your license updated within:
= 10 days

What is the minimum travel time between two vehicles that would ensure a safe following distance?
= Two seconds


The maximum speed limit in a school zone unless otherwise posted is
= 50 km/h

When a vehicle is stopped at a crosswalk or intersection or intersection to allow a pedestrian to cross, it is an offense of 

the vehicle approaching from the rear to:
= Pass the stopped vehicle

When backing:
= Look or scan in all directions continuously

When you hear or see an emergency vehicle with flashing red lights and siren sounding you must
= Pull over to the right as far as possible and stop

When is a driver allowed to pass another vehicle?
= When the yellow line on the road is broken on your side and traffic and other conditions allow

When is a driver permitted to pass another vehicle on the right?
=When a vehicle is making a left turn or signaling a left turn

A holder of what class of license is never permitted to instruct a class 7 level 1 driver?
= Class 7 level 2

To delay traffic is a discourteous and illegal act and greatly increases the chance of a collision?
= False

If the holder of a graduated license Level 1 or 2 has their license suspended because of loss of points or acohol
= Will not be credited for any time spent in a graduate license

Who is permitted to request a vehicle re-inspection at anytime?.
= Resgitrar of Motor Vehicles and Peace officer

Before leaving your vehicle parked pointing downhill, you should:
= Turn wheels towards the curb or edge of highway and set your parking brake

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