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      I am a professional Graphic Designer for over 13 years, specialized in Book Cover Design, Corporate, and Advertisement ideas.  Over the past years, I was employed with various U.S.-based publishing and advertising companies and was privileged to handle different accounts and clients which helped me broaden and honed my skills as a designer.  Through my work experience, I was also able to adopt different techniques to help me master my field and be more efficient.  Being able to handle different accounts also helped me master different graphic design software, to name a few, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Aftereffects, Premiere, etc.

     As for my educational background, I completed a total of 10 years at the elementary and secondary levels.  After which I was enrolled at AMA Computer College and took a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.  My College credential was evaluated by WES (World Education System) and gave a Canadian Equivalency Summary of Secondary school diploma and a post-secondary-study on Computer Technology.  I decided to take up further study.  I recently finished my Graphic Design Course at George Brown College.  I believe that being up to date with the latest trend and technology in my chosen field of graphic design would help me advance my skills and bring it to the next level.

Matias Resume (click to download)
Matias Resume (OTHER)
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