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What blood alcohol concentration are G2 drivers allowed to have in their system while driving?
= No Alcohol
It is considered an offence to refuse a random breath test.
= True
Drivers who refuse to a legitimate breath test will lose their license for at least
= 30 days
You cannot be charged with drunk driving offence if you BAC is below the legal limit?
= False
A police officer can suspend your driver's license immediately for drinking and driving for:
= 12 hours
If you have one drink per hour, you do not have to worry about being over the legal limit.
= False
Driving into a private driveway is illegal in Ontario.
= True
Failing to keep right can result to license suspension up to
= 6 months
Only young drinking drivers are at higher risk of crashing.
= False
On the third offence under the highway traffic act, how long can your license be suspended
= Life time
The human liver has a capacity to burn alcohol at percentage per hour
= 15 mg
You body weight is 150 lbs and you had 5 bottles of beer, how long does it take
approximately to have you BAC down to 0%?
= 6 hours
Your body weight 200 lbs and you had 5 beer, how long does it take approximately to have
you BAC down to 0%?
= 4 hours
Even if your BAC is 0.02%, you could still be charged with drinking and driving.
= True
Drinking and driving can result in car insurance increase of at least ___ per month.
= $100
The only way to be sober up after drinking alcohol is to:
= Wait/ Time
As a host at a party, you are responsible if you let the impaired to driver drive?
= True
Coffee and tobacco are mild ___
= Stimulants
Antibiotic may not have an effect on your driving.
= False
Most of the decisions made while driving is based on your
= Vision

Emotions can worsen a driver's concentration and
= Reaction time
Alcohol affects the
= All of the above
It is criminal offence in Canada to drive while your ability to drive is impaired when your BAC is over _percentage.
= 0.05
It is illegal to have the care and control" of a motor vehicle when impaired. This means even if you sit in the driver􀅝s seat impaired whether the car is moving or not you can be charged.
= True
A possible legal consequence of impaired driving or having a BAC of more than legal limit is:
= All of the above
What other physical impairment, other than alcohol and drugs, is extremely dangerous when driving?
= Fatigue
How can you detect carbon monoxide?
= It is difficult to detect as it has no odor
If you are an·ested for drunk driving and refuse to submit to a chemical test of the alcohol content of your blood:
= you will not be allowed to post bail
Failing or refusing to provide a b reath sample for roadside by the pohce 1s a ____ charge.
Ontario laws forbid the use of cells phone while driving.
= True
When was the law to ban the use of cellphone while driving passed?
= 2011
Is the most co mmonly used non-medical drug and overall it causes the most harm.
= Alcohol
Emission testing is not required in Ontario for all cars years or less old.
= 5
To avoid last minute moves, you should be looking down the road to where your vehicle will be in:
= 5-10 seconds
The prefer way to check before changing direction is? (M = mirror, B = Blind spot, S = Signal)
You don't have !o check you blind spot while turning into an intersection.
= False
Failing to signal or late signaling can increase your chances to be involved in a collision by:
= 35%
Which of traffic laws take care of license plates?
= Provincial
Changing lanes at an intersection is unsafe.
= True
Your rection time is not affected by fatigue
= False
Unpredictable conditions are one of the causes of road collisions.
= True
What lane should you use when you are turning left from a multi-lane one-way street onto a one-way street?
= Lane closest to the left curb
One of the most common causes ofrear end collisions is:
= Not paying attention
You should check your blind spot while:
= All of the above
Attentive drivers are less likely to get in a collision compared to those who don't pay attention.
= True
The most common factor that effect 􀂹our dec1s10n m mg are:
= All of the abive
Age has no effect on your perception of risks while driving.
= False
yield signs are green in color.
= False
There are two kinds of stop signs in general.
= True
Changing lanes at an intersection are unsafe.
= True
If you are between the ages of 16-24, you pay more insurance.
= True
Third party insurance is not required in Ontario.
= True
Comprehensive insurance is not required i n Ontario.
= True
G2 drivers get warning letters once t hey get 6 demerit points.
= True
Windshield cannot protect you from wind.
= False
Fuel gauge shows the engine temperature.
= False
lf you have a class G2 license yo u can drive on the freeway.
= True
Anti-locking brake system is the safest of all brakes.
= True
Outside checks safe you a lot from insurance claims.
= True
Failing to stop for a police will cost yo u 6 demerit points.
= False
30 - 49 km o ver the speed limit can cost you 2 demerit points.
= False
There are usually two parts to a freeway entrance.
= True
lt is illegal to have an open alcohol in the car.
= True
Police car always has the right of way.
= False
Failing to signal doesn ·t cost any demerit points.
= False
The maximum speed limits are for good driving conditions only.
= True
The more fuel in your tank the more traction your car will have.
= True
When you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you must:
= Drive to the right edge of the road and stop
You need about ___ seconds to cross an intersection from a stopped position.
= 4-6
You must stop your car at least ___ meters behind the rear door of a streetcar?
= 3 meters
How many types of railway crossing are there?
= 2
What is the most difficult maneuver in a parking lot?
= Reversing
In Ontario at what age, you are allowed to apply for G 1?
= 16
You do not need G1 license to start your __ portion of beginners driver educat1on.
= In-class only
Driving into a private driveway is illegal in Ontano.
= True
When you come to stop behind a truck keep to the
= Center of your lane
Driver of class A license, can also drive the following
= D and G

You have to turn on the engine to check if the gauges are working.
= True
The best means of communication with road users is by using your:
= All of the above
The steering wheel controls both the front and the back wheels.
= False
The directional signal lever is used only for signaling for turns.
= False
The only valid judge of your car speed is the speedometer.
= True
The engine of your vehicle might overheat if one of the following parts isn't working.
= The fan
What is mileage indicator called?
= Odometer
It is very important to check the belts, level of liquid, the lights and headlights:
= Every time you change oil / service your car
An automatic transmission car has only one gear.
= False
Should you signal when you don't see any vehicles around you?
= Yes
How often should you check the interior mirrors while driving straight?
= Every 5-10 seconds
Fuel gauge indicates the amount of fuel as well as oil in your vehicle.
= False
Cruise control should not be used on city roads.
= True
If your seat belt is not working should you still drive your vehicle?
= No
Installing extra anti-theft devices in your vehicle reduces your insurance cost.
= True
High beam lights allow you to see about ____ meters ahead.
= 150
When approaching an oncoming ·car at night, your headlights should be on:
= Lowbeam
Reverse lights are:
= White in color
When can you reverse your car from a side to a main road?
= Never
Air bags are located for all passengers.
= False
If you are driving in the fog you should
= Use low beam lights / Fog lights
It is illegal to drive with one headlight working.
= True
You should glance in your rear view mirror every 10-15 seconds.
= False
You must circle check your car every:
= Time before driving
You must have all the of the following in your vehicle, except
= Boaster cable
You don't need to put anti-freeze in your coolant during winter.
= False
Manual transmission has __ gears.
= 5
ABS is the safest of all brakes.
= True
ABS helps prevent all of the following except:
= Wheel lock
The steering wheel is connected through a shaft and a linkage to the front wheels
= True
Mirrors should be positioned so that there are more blind spots for the driver.
= False
What is the most dangerous warning light on your dashboard?
= Brake
When you use high beam you must switch to low beam within meters of oncoming vehicles.
= 150
Parking brakes are of 3 types.
= False
Using lower gears are better while driving on steep hills
= True
Driving in low gears cost more· fuel.
= False
What gear disengages the transmission from the engine?
= Neutral
It is illegal to drive if your vehicle's speedometer is not working.
= True
Defroster helps melt ice on windshield.
= True
Outside checks save you a lot from insurance claims.
= True
When driving ahead, you should look up into the distance of ___ seconds.
= 15/20
When steering, your hand position should be:
= 9-3
You should glance into your mirrors every 5/10 seconds.
= True
Smith System teaches you:
= All of the above
When you are steering you should look in the distance __ _
= All of the above
Looking ahead while driving means that you should:
= Look as far ahead as you can see
What is the third rule for the smith system of defensive driving?
= Keep eyes moving
Oncoming traffic should be at least 6 seconds away before you move to a turn
= True
How often should you change the tires?
= Every 40,000 km or 3 years
How often should you check you tire pressure?
= Once a week to a month
When should you especially check the oil level?
= After a long journey
When a condition makes your car windows foggy, you should turn on your defroster.
= True
To apply the four wheel lock method of braking you should:
= Hit the brake pedal as hard as you can
If power assist in your steering wheel fails, you can:
= Still steer but it is harder
You must replace a tire when your tread in any spot wears down to __ millimeters.
= 1.5
What is the best hand position for holding a steering wheel?
= 9-3 position
Sudden braking wears down brake pads faster.
= True
What kinds of shoes are safe for driving?
= Flat base shoes
It is a good practice to speed up from 0 km/h to 60 km/h in less than 8 seconds.
= False
You can slow down your vehicle by doing all of the following, except:
= Pressing on the Gas pedal
What is the most difficult type of parking?
= Parallel
When parking in a perprndicular space in a parking lot, it is not necessary to signal a
= False
You may not double park:
= At any time
When pulling over to the side of a street how far should you stay away from the fire hydrant?
= 10 meters
What is the safest speed limit within parking lots?
= 5-20 km/h
How far should you stay away or park from an intersection while pulling over?
= 9-15 meters
When you are backing up from any position, you must give right of way to the others.
= True
If you are parking uphill and there is no curb, what should you do with your front wheels?
= Turn them to the right
Your vehicle is parked parallel to the curb. The wheels must be no further than ___ _inches to the curb.
= 15
You may not make a double park.
= At any time
Which way should you turn your steering wheel while making a downhill parking?
= Right
Why 10-2 steering position is dangerous?
= Airbags
How far should you stay away or parked from a road while pulling over?
= 9-15 meters
Parking in a disable's spot will cost you fine of:
= $360
What is the most difficult maneuver in a parking lot?
= Reversing
Where shouldn't you park?
= Near an intersectign
It is illegal to turn around where you don't have a visibility of at least:
= 150 meters
When approaching an uncontrolled railway crossing it is safer to:
= Slow down
To prevent head on collision you must:
= Drive on the right
What is .the most difficult maneuver on the freeway?
= Entering
When stopped at a stop sign, the front of your cat must be even with the stop signs?
= False
When blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car at night the best thing to do is:
= Look slightly to the right side of the road
A teanage driver is more than 2 times likely to die in a car collision than an older driver.
= True
You should never change lane while you are in a crosswalk area or intersection.
= True
Vehicle momentum depends on the following:
= Speed & weight
When stopped at a two way stop intersections you must not cross if the traffic is closer then
= 4 second away
On a freeway, the minimum safe following distance in good weather is:
= 2-6 seconds
If you miss the exit on the freeway and back up to the exit, you could accumulate 2 demerit points.
= True
Chain reaction collision or a pile up is because of drivers:
= Speeding or following too closely
What is the safest method to turn a car around?
= Turn around the block
Loosing control of the car on a highway curve is caused by:
= Your speed
You should slow down at a railway crossing even if you don't see a train approaching.
= True
Should you signal when you do not see any vehicles around you?
= Yes, a vehicle you don't see might hit you
Blocking an intersection during a rush hour traffic is:
= Never permitted
When you come to a comer where there is a flashing yellow light, you must
= Slow down and cross carefully
Which of the following could be best contributed to improve traffic flow?
= Public transportation
A flashing red traffic light at an intersection means that you must:
= Stop before entering
How long should you stop at a red light before making a right turn?
= 3 seconds I complete stop
When can you change lane at an intersection?
= Never
How far should be visible before making a 3-point turn?
= 150m
What is the safest speed while making a left or right turn?
= 15-20 km/h
Green Arrow light pointing left in an intersection means:
= Proceed to left
Flashing green light means:
= Go when it is safe
You should not use your directional signals when
= Driving around curves
You don't have the right of way when making a 3 point turn.
= True
Before making a right or left tum from a green light, you must yield the right of way to the
= All of the above
The law in terms of right of way says that right of way must be _____ at all times.
= Obeyed
Which time of the day is easiest to enter a freeway?
= 5-7 pm
When you are turning right at an intersection you must check
= Right blind spot
How long can you drive on the passing lane while moving in straight direction?
= 3 blocks
What is the speed limit on freeways for cars in Ontario?
= 90 - 100 km/h
At the crosswalk, the flashing amber light means you must:
= Give way to pedestrians waiting to cross
At the pedestrian crossing which of the following lights will show.
= Green
How should you adjust stopping distance for driving in the wet weather?
= Double them
What is the main cause of skidding?
= The driver
Traction is:
= Grip of the tire on the road
Should you over inflate or under inflate your tires during cold winter months?
= Neither
Driving on heavy rain will give you traction of only
= 45%
If caught in snowstorm and you have to walk in the street, do you:
= Walk facing the oncoming traffic
If your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes and you are skidding on snow or ice, do you:
= Apply firm and continuous pressure to the brakes.
The usefulness of daytime running lights has never been established as reducing the
number of traffic collisions.
= False
Where are pedestrians more likely to be hit by a car?
= At another point in the roads
What day of the week are you most likely to get into a traffic collision?
= Saturday
When sliding into a skid, is it best to:
= Turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid
When approaching a snowy or icy hill, should you:
= Slow up before reaching the hill and make the move slowly and steadily
When heading down a snowy or ice hill, should you:
= Shift into a lower gear and make a slow move
The best way to stop in snowy or icy conditions is to pump the brakes.
= False
A driver should:
= Look as far ahead as possible
Anti-lock braking system allows the driver to brake and steer at the same time man emergency.
= True
On glare ice, how far does it take to stop compared to dry pavement?
= Seven to ten times
Two snow tires on the drive wheels are all you need.
= False
If the rear end of the car skids, the driver should:
= Steer in opposite of the skid
Following distance in winters should be no less than:
= Enough room to stop
When stopped behind another vehicle at red light, minimum space should be:
= l car length
J:he primary factor for determining the proper highway speed in winter is:
= Visibility
To change lanes on a snow-rutted road, the driver should:
= Ease off the gas and steer smoothly
Reading or placing bumper stickers mcrease the chance of you getting into a collision by 25%
= True
The best way to avoid a rear-end collision is to stay alert and keep a safe distance .
= True
Collisions avoidance techniques require the right
= Decision
The heavier an object is the harder it will hit another object.
= True
There are two kinds of collisions in a single collision.
= True
The faster a vehicle is travelling, the greater the force of impact in a collision.
= True
Which of the following is not a key strategy for defensive driving?
= Good eye sight
What effects the force of impact of your vehicle in a collision?
= All of the above
Strategic driving requires that the driver have:
= All of the above
Rear end collision are caused by:
= All of the above

How man types of driving vch1clc licenses exist in Ontario?
= 12
If you change your address. you ha, e to report to MTO.
= True
How many demerit points do 1ou get for blocking a driveway?
= None of the above
Which type of insurance is mandatory in Ontario?
= Third party
Which of the following documents is not accepted while applying for a license?
= Health Card
How long do you have until you have to renew you driver's license after you get it for the
= 5 years
How Jong does a federal offence stay in your record?
= At least 10 years
Parking offence is punishable by fines under which law:
= Municipal
A stop sign requires you to stop for how long before you move.
= 3 seconds
You ca nnot drive after midnight until 5:00 am under which license?
= G1
Which of the following test is not part of getting your G 1 license?
= Hearing test
A safety standards certificate is required by MTO when you register your vehicle.
= True
A safety standards certificate is valid for how long.
= 36 days
Emission tes􀂡ing is required to be done on mGst vehicles in Ontario every:
= None of the above
Your driver license will be canceled if you don't pay for:
= Renewal fee
With your G 1 license you can drive with your instructor on the following roads only:
= All of the Above
You may fail your road test if you do a rolling stop.
= True
The maximum speed limit on all freeways in Ontario is 100 km/h.
= False
Unnecessary slowing down may cost you __ demerit points.
= 2
In order to drive in Ontario you must have a valid Ontario driver's license with you at all time
= True
You _must yield to pedestrians at all times.
= True
You only need to wear the seat belt on the highway.
= False
The area around your car that is not visible with mirrors is called:
= Blind spot
When no speed limit sign is posted in city ro􀂐d, at what speed should you drive?
= 50 km/h
How many types of stop signs are there?
= 2
A sign with a red slanted line across it means that:
= You are prohibited to perform that action
A broken yellow line means:
= You can pass
How many demerit points do you get if you fail to share the road
= 2
How many demerit points do you get for exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h
= 9

How many demerit points do you get for?
Exceeding the speed limit by 30 to 49 km/h
= 4
Failing to remain at a scene of a collision
= 7
Failing to yield the right of way
= 3
= 6
Following too closely
= 4
Careless driving
= 6
Improper right turns
= 2
Failing to obey signs
= 2
Failing to stop for police
= 7
Impaired driving with your blood alcohol level above 0.05% and G2 license
= 7
Impaired driving with your blood alcohol level above 0.05% and G license:
= 7

Impaired driving is punishable under which law?
= Federal
You risk the following while driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, except:
= Cell phone
For how long will your license be suspended if your Blood Alcohol Concentration level was more than 0.05%?
= 90 days
Racing on city roads is illegal in Ontario.
= True
Failing to provide breath test to a police officer is a _____ charge.
= Federal
If you are convicted of dangerous driving you will be charged under the following level of government:
= Both A and B
Seat belts are uncomfortable and difficult to put on.
= False
It is the law to yield to transit buses in Ontario.
= True
Carpool lanes are marked with a diamond shape symbol. To use these lanes during special hours, you must:
= Be driving a van
When-¥ou hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you must:
= Move to the right lane or safe area
If a traffic light is red, but a police officer points you to go ahead, you should:
= Go ahead
When stopping for any reason along the highway, other than required by the law, you should stop:
= Off the pavement
You must stop for a school bus when signals are flashing, failing do so can cost you:
= 6 demerit points + $2000 fine
How many types of railway crossings are there:
= 2
Your breathalyzer test shows reading less then the legal limit. Can you still be charged?
= Yes
When following trucks which blocks your view of the road ahead, you should decrease your distance.
= False
Most collisions involving trains result in death.
= True
Yield signs are blue colored triangles that tell you to slow down.
= False
When driving, are you allowed to pass a bicycle in the same lane?
= Yes, if there is enough space
Failing to wear seat belt can cost you up to __ demerit points
= 2

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